Saturday, February 18, 2017

John Wick Chapter 2

"Hey man, Wickleberry Fin tonight?" "Wickle Me Elmo!" "Something John Wicked This Way Comes" "Well I’m off to get some Wicken and potatoes from Whole Foods beforehand!" "Bet it’s going to be finger Wickin Good!"

This was just a part of the nerdy conversation that took place between my idiot friend and I right before we saw the most anticipated movie of the year. Now I must admit that when I first saw John Wick 1, I wasn’t really all that down with it as it just appeared to be a scrubby version of The Crow without Ernie Hudson and Nine Inch Nails. But I decided to give it another shot a few months later on a flight back from France and everything suddenly clicked for me; what’s not to love about an angry Keanu Reeves unloading clips into the heads of Russian gangsters with whatever random guns he has on his person? That dude really loved his car and his dog!

Well needless to say, I was unbelievably pumped when I saw early video clips of Keanu furiously training with automatic weapons for John Wick 2. He seriously looked like a young Ted Nugent on the night that he realized Donald trump had just won the election. "Finally, my time has come!" (while pumping fists in the air) Unless he was playing Bill from Bill and Ted’s or a confused Neo from The Matrix, Keanu has never been a great actor but with the help of Wick, I believe he’s now finally found his wheelhouse! An angry man of few words who dances while he guns down scrubs with pistols?!? John Wick movies are John Woo’s (Hard Boiled, Face Off) ultimate wet dreams. They have a ton of gun play and pigeons flying around in them; what more can a man ask for?

Wick 2’s plot is slightly more complicated than 1 in that Wick now has to get revenge on the jerk who blew up his house. Yup, a real brain teaser there! Ok, so there’s a bit more to it than that. In order for him to get out of the game the first time around, he made a blood pact with an Italian asshole. And in the hitman underworld, whenever you make a blood pact, you are indebted to that person to do whatever job they require of you to pay off that debt. If you choose not to, then they have every right to kill you. Well realizing that Wick is the only man for the job, the Italian decided not to kill him but instead chose to blow up his house to give him a bit of motivation. Wick reluctantly agrees after this but once he completes the job, he finds out that a bounty is now out for his head.

It is at this point you realize that 50% of New York is apparently made up of assassins with day jobs; Wick finds himself dodging janitors, violin players, and even homeless people as he tries to seek sanctuary with the one man who still owes him a favor, fat Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). But before we get to this point, Wick goes to Italy to pay off his debt, and this is where you are introduced to a world of tailors who make designer bulletproof suits for cocktail parties, sommeliers whose specialties are guns, and Emo Evanescence bands with dj’s.

And if that wasn’t enough, Hollywood finally gave me a bit of a reprieve with Ruby Randy Rose. She tried to ruin my action month with her awful performances in XXX 3 and Resident Evil but thankfully here, they make her a mute. I get that most of America finds her hot but she just looks like a shapeless scrub with a Macaulay Culkin haircut to me. She was ok as a villain in this film but Common, who has the coolest type cast ever as a hitman, is probably the best adversary Wick faces as they have multiple shootout/fight scenes that are pretty badass. The coolest part of the film goes to its climatic scene where director and former stuntman Chad Stahlelski pays tribute to Enter the Dragon and that one James Bond film where he perfectly blends art, film, and music when Wick takes out a bunch of Julian Edelman lookalikes in New York’s Met Museum. This scene, along with the multiple head shots and the gothic death scene of a head assassin in Italy will definitely stay with me for a long time.

To put it simply, this movie was grade A badass and gets a rating of TIGHT from me.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Underworld/Resident Evil

I chose to write a combined review for these two movies as together they mark the end of what’s been an incredible action era in film. I would’ve never guessed that a movie based off of a video game would’ve spawned 5 sequels over a 15 year span. And while it was gothic and had cool music in it, who would have ever thought that a movie which featured two of the world’s worst actors in Scott Speedman (Michael) and Shane Brolly (Kraven) would lead to a global demand for more! That’s like asking Martin Lawrence to come out with a weekly TV show for the movie Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. But here we are; after years of mindless entertainment, the day has come when we should all shed a tear for the end of these two glorious franchises.

And sadly, this also marks the end of Kate Beckinsdale and Milla Jovovich’s big screen careers. I’m not saying that neither of them are talented or that they no longer are two of the most beautiful women on the planet, I’m just saying that in the world of Hollywood, the only roles left for women their age are the old quirky moms in Adam Sandler films. You saw what poor Kathy Bates was reduced to. I can’t wait to see Beckinsdale play Sandler’s mom in The Waterboy prequel, the search for more gator. And if you think that concept is ridiculous, look no further than a young Catherine Zeta Jones falling for the crusty Sean Connery in Entrapment or a bright eyed and perky Scarlet Johannson lusting after the basically dead Steve Martin in Shopgirl. Hollywood has done women wrong for so long that it’s now nearly impossible to point out their lunacy to them.

Now if you go into these films looking to have your life changed or to walk away feeling inspired to start a rally of some sort, then you’ll certainly leave disappointed. But if you go in looking to be entertained and wanting to have fun, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Right off the bat, I’ll admit that neither of these films are actually good in the traditional sense of the word but they sure as hell made me cheer and shout out the word fresh on multiple occasions.

In Underworld, there is a massive search for Selene’s (Beckinsdale) missing daughter because she contains the hybrid blood of both Lycan and vampire; and the belief is, whoever has control of this deadly mix not only controls the never ending war between these two but essentially controls the fate of the world as well. Selene is still a badass in this film but because of her inexplicable love for the Emo Speedman, she has been excommunicated from the vampire coven and is now being hunted by both vampires and Lycans. Well the Lycans now have a new leader in Marius (Tully from Game of Thrones) and he has amassed a legion of Lycans who now finally appear to be unified enough to overtake the vampires. The vampires realize this, so they decide to forgive Selene for her past transgressions and ask her to help train them for the imminent battle.

Well as Tom Cruise once taught us in the early 90’s, one can never truly trust a vampire. And this life lesson is on full display as Selene is eventually betrayed and apparently killed, only to return with white David Bowie esque highlights in her hair and more power. There’s really no explanation given as to why she’s still alive or why she has more power but to be honest with you, you don’t really care because that’s how the rest of the film goes too. Some random pretty boy, whose true identity has been hidden from us for some reason, is revealed as the true leader of the vampires yet he has no special abilities nor does he ever say any fresh one liners throughout the entire film. And in this epic journey into the… ahem underworld, there seems to be convenient train access to all of these "hidden" vampire mansions; including one that’s apparently in the Alps. I guess Google Maps finally gets it right in the future. In the end, all I know is that I saw vampires fighting werewolves and 9 times out 10, that’s fresh! And this film was no different!

Well Resident Evil also realized that no one was there for the plot and chose to give us two straight hours of action instead. They sort of run through the previous 5 films by showing a video collage of random scenes in the opening sequence but after that things get really simple; Alice (Jovovish) must get to Raccoon City before another Game of Thrones villain, Dr. Isaacs (Ian Glen) gets there first with his army of zombies. His evil plan of ridding the world of the unworthy is almost complete as he plans to release yet another virus to kill all of the zombies who did his dirty work for him, so that he and his rich buddies can rule the world!

The first 30 minutes of the film makes you want to throw up as the camera literally never sits still long enough for you to see what’s going on. This is the worst use of the "shaky cam" I have ever seen in my life. But as more and more zombies get mowed down and more and clones show up, you start to get used to it and you realize that The Walking Dead is just a lame Lifetime show in comparison to this amazing bloodbath! It’s only been a few weeks and I have already forgotten the majority of what happens in this film but I do remember zombies being flamed to death, giant explosions, and Ali Larter being thrown one final bone from Hollywood, and sadly I don’t mean that in a sexual way.

In the end, these were the perfect send offs for these wonderful franchises and I can honestly say that I’m happy that I lived to see the end of them. They both get a rating of FRESH and now I can’t wait to see the conclusion of John Wick…in about 10 years!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage

After the rough weekend I just had, I now understand why Vin Diesel decided to sign on for a third XXX movie; at some point you just need to do something completely stupid to escape from reality. For Vin, in order to help him cope with the death of his pal Paul Walker, he chose to take a 2 month long vacation with some of his fellow action film friends in some of the world’s best locales to make this movie. For me, I’m broke, so my idea of escape is getting brown out drunk enough so that I can pass out on my couch next to some half eaten pizza and have weird dreams about making music videos with Mariah Carey! "Me and Mariah; go together like babies with pacifiers!" How sad is it that my dreams are Nick Cannon’s realities? Either I need to dream bigger or I need to drink more expensive beer.

Anyway, I went into The Return of Xander Cage with the high hopes that I would walk out of the theater highly entertained. But after seeing this film, it might be time to reevaluate my new dream goals as I clearly need to come back down to Earth a bit. After the 5 minute long opening credits scene that involved a transforming satellite finally came to an end, I turned to my idiot friend and asked ‘Why does this movie suck already?"

Now Vin has said all along that he only agreed to do this movie because it was pure fun and that there was nothing remotely serious about it. Ok, well I get that, but if you’re going to do something that’s fun and requires zero intellect, why not just date Taylor Swift instead? I mean, she does a ton of coke, she sings and dances like nobody’s business, and I won’t have to pay $12 to watch it on a 50 foot screen when it actually happens! Stop being selfish for one second Vin and think about all of us poor drunks out there!

Don’t get me wrong, in theory there were quite a few funny ideas in this film; it’s just that in practice they didn’t quite work out the way they played out in the writers’ heads. For starters, there’s Vin Diesel nearly getting his head blown off just so he can bring free cable to the local Colombians. Now I actually appreciated this scene because if I’m on a beach somewhere and I can’t get the Dallas Cowboys game, I’m gonna be pissed! So you damn well better jump off of a 100 foot tower while wearing skis in the middle of a hot jungle because We Dem Boys! We Dem Boys!

But from there it just became total ridiculousness. Every time Tony Jaa showed up on screen, he’d dance a little jig and yell his last name (Jaa) before he kicked someone in the face or seamlessly jumped onto a moving motorcycle. Then there was the incredible love scene between Vin and some buxom Colombian that ended with a shot of a dump truck releasing a load of white sand into a small crevice. And no I’m not making that up! But oh it gets worse! I haven’t even mentioned his weak posse that included a "hot" lesbian who said lame things like "that’s what she said" whenever someone mentioned the fact that she knew was doing something good or the one idiot whose specialty was crashing cars. Crashing cars??? Is that really how you want to pay tribute to Paul Walker? Ok, yes it’s still a bit too soon.

But I saved the best posse member for last, and that’s the scrawny Asian dude whose specialty was having fun. I really wish I was making this up. His role literally came down to walking into a crowded room, finding some turntables (because what respectable place doesn’t have turntables just chilling in the corner), and turning the party out while Vin and his pals went to work. Now as I’m typing this, I’m having the same reaction that I had when I initially walked out of this disaster and that’s that I couldn’t stop laughing for 36 hours! My idiot friend and I couldn’t figure out how this film could have all of these fresh individual parts but collectively still sucked! In the moment, the only truly cool parts that where in this film where whenever Hermione Corfield appeared on screen, when Vin had an orgy to negotiate a meeting, and when Ice Cube showed up to wreck shop with his grenade launcher! Outside of that, it was pretty painful.

The only reason why this film doesn’t get a rating of wack is because I still can’t stop laughing about utterly ridiculous it was; so based off of that, I’ll give it a rating of really, really WEAK!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Patriot's Day

I just saw somewhere that you can take screenwriting classes from Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, Social Network), a man who is basically the godfather of writers in Hollywood. I’m sure they cost a million dollars an hour to take but when you get out, you should at the very least be able to write something as good as Crash (Paul Haggis) was. I have no idea how that film ever won Best Picture but it sure as hell got Haggis a big payday! And you know what, I’d consider that to be a huge win as you have to know that you’re probably going to still come out of that class a little bit scrubby but hopefully you’ll be a scrubby version of Sorkin.

Well it looks as though after he starred in The Great White Hype, Peter Berg went on to attend the Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay School of Directing. But the good thing for him is that he actually turned out to be a better version of them once he completed his apprenticeship. Berg is somehow able to perfectly blend cheesy Americana with intense action scenes as he produces fairly decent films, and he does so without the help of any late 80’s guitar solos or long blonde hair blowing in the wind (see any Bay film).

All of his films start off the same; he takes you through a day in the life of his American heroes, all of whom wind up being the nicest, most innocent people you’ll ever meet. And this even includes the guys you’d normally consider to be jerks in real life but in Berg films they come off as the wise cracking everyday Joe’s that you’d want to grab a beer with someday. Even cynics like me are almost shamed into feeling like an un-American asshole for calling out his over the top representations. How dare you make fun of the heartbeat of America?!?! But it’s like I said earlier, once the bullets start flying and buildings start exploding, you find yourself rooting for the very people who’d rather see you deported from this country than have you release yet another rap album for their teenage daughter to get pregnant to.

Well Patriot’s Day falls right in line with what you’d come to expect from this director. If you somehow live under a rock and don’t already know, this film gives a mostly factual account of the events that took place at the Boston Marathon a few years ago. That was when two Muslim radicals decided that they hated America and chose to bomb the finish line of a race rather than just leave the country. I mean, I hate lemon flavored Starburst but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go up to the president of Mars, Inc. and punch them in the face because they make it. I’ll probably just end up passing them off the scrubby kid in my class. But I digress.

Berg spends the first half hour of the film introducing you to a few of the characters who were directly affected by the bombing. And like I mentioned earlier, you almost find yourself rolling your eyes in disgust by how glowingly they’re portrayed but once you step outside of your movie critic mind for a second and realize what these people are eventually going to go through, you’re okay with the fact that Berg didn’t go the route of showing them stressing out over bills or arguing over who should’ve won season 86 of The Bachelor. Now some people had a problem with Marky Mark being given the lead role of some made up super detective but you have to realize that this is a movie, you have to have a primary protagonist in it. So Berg decided to blend the personalities of a few of the officers who were involved in that day, and essentially gave us one identifiable character that we could all get behind. He really only has one scene where he does something extraordinary and another where he gives off some speech that sums up the American Spirit, but outside of that, he basically just served as a guide through this unforgettable week of terror.

Berg really shines as he shows the brutality that took place that day and in the days that followed without ever resorting to melodramatic or distasteful tactics to do so. The shootout at the end between the terrorists and the local police may have been a bit embellished but it sure as hell was entertaining. And the parts where Boston residents were being…well, Boston residents, added some much needed comic relief. He even gave you an in depth look into the meticulous tactics the FBI used to help identify who the terrorists were and what they looked like. And after seeing this film, I don’t know how anyone can ever get away with doing anything these days! And you wonder why I’ll never punch the president of Mars, Inc. they’ll have me on a boat to send me back to Cuba in no time! I’m not Cuban by the way.

So all in all, I’d say this was a well made and entertaining film, and I strongly suggest checking it out if you haven’t done so already. I give Patriots Day a rating of FRESH!

Sunday, January 22, 2017


I was going to start this review with my usual jokes about M. Night and the terrible movies he’s made over the past ten years, but that always ends with me calling him something ridiculous like M. Night Shemamalikesmydong, and that’s the last thing this world needs more of right now. So I’ll put my focus on my creepy idiot friend instead. For months he kept saying that there was no way he’d ever give M. Night his money again after his latest string of movies, and honestly, who could blame him? His downfall started with men in plastic suits dressed as aliens in Signs, continued with clairvoyant cereal boxes in Lady in the Water, and reached its pinnacle with Marky Mark outrunning evil wind in The Crappening (Happening).

But there’s one sure fire thing in this world that will get men to forget recent terrible events and that’s the wonderful presence of boobs! Boobs are the only reason why my friend decided to pop in on Split. And thankfully no, I’m not talking about my man boobs, I’m talking about the ones that belong to Anya Taylor-Joy, the co-star of this film. Granted she is 21 years old but that’s way too young for my idiot friend. At some point you would think he’d start to develop crushes on the crustier women in film, women like Annette Benning or the collagen filled Goldie Hawn; but no they get younger and younger and he stays the same age mentally (in Matthew McConaughey voice). Well the good thing is, Taylor-Joy is a talented and rising young star in Hollywood as she’s been in The Witch and the forgettable Morgan; two pretty big releases for a relative newcomer.

And she definitely holds her own as she stars opposite of the now unbelievably respectable James McAvoy. When he first burst on the scene, I thought that he was at best going to be the next Colin Ferrell; and I’m talking lame Ferrell (SWAT), not the now good Ferrell (In Bruges). But he has won me over with his approach to the usually dull Professor X character, as well as with his brilliant performance in Filth. Well after you witness his performance in Split, you’ll see the kind of range he has as an artist.

McAvoy plays the troubled villain in this film; a man who has 23 personalities, all of whom could take the spotlight at any given time. He effortlessly and seamlessly transitions from one character to the next; which is amazing when you consider the fact that every time he does so, it never comes off as cheesy or comical. He kidnaps three teenage girls who are leaving a birthday party and holds them captive in his unbelievably clean but still creepy basement. And it’s at this point where you begin to meet all of his unique personalities.

Now the natural questions is, why can’t three girls jump and overtake this one guy? I’ve seen pics of McAvoy and he’s not that big! Well this is where M. Night’s storytelling actually saves the day (no pun intended). Split is easily his most well thought out script in decades. All of his films, for the most part, have an underlying theme behind the main storyline and the one that exists in Split may be his most important and challenging one to date (Signs would’ve been number one if his delivery wasn’t such an epic failure). I’m not going to give anything away but the story more than adequately answers that all important question.

This isn’t a jump out at you scary film but there are a few creepy scenes in the film’s final act when McAvoy releases his 24th personality. And in case you were wondering, yes M. Night does supply us with his usual big reveal at the end, but unlike Split’s predecessors, the viewer’s experience doesn’t hinge on the final few scenes; this entire film was entertaining. There’s even a nice little nugget for loyal M. Night fans in the movies final shot. I was so dumbfounded by it that I couldn’t even fully enjoy it until I walked out of the theater and I honestly don’t know the last time I could say that about a Shyamalan film! Split gets a rating of FRESH!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


I remember when Martin Luther King Day actually meant something to America. My family and I would always take the day off from school or work to go participate in the march recreation in downtown San Antonio; and afterwards we’d eat some great Bar-b-Que and talk about what it meant for my parents and my grandparents to be alive during his infamous speech. But now all you get are crazy looks when you try and ask for the day off and the only true reminders you get of the historic march are memes from your former high school teachers and a day full of NBA basketball games that you now have to DVR because you’re stuck at work! I know that I clown my former employer for buying everyone fried chicken for lunch one MLK Day but at least they were in touch enough to order it spicy versus mild. I mean come on, Black people have hot sauce on their person at all times; you just never know when a random chicken wing or a popcorn shrimp will jump up in your lap!

Well at least Hollywood is still trying to throw us a bone (no pun intended) by continuing to release Black movies on this soon to be forgotten weekend. Sure most of the movies are terrible but at least you get to sit amongst your brethren while they sneak in food and yell things at the screen like "You go Denzel!" or "Ooooh Jamie, you sure are fine!" Nothing says Black unity like a public disturbance.

In the past we’ve been honored with such timeless classics as Ride Along, Ride Along 2, and the Marky Mark film Contraband for some strange reason. Well this year they decided to step up their game a bit by giving us Jamie Foxx’s latest effort in Sleepless. Now I’m a huge fan of Jamie’s but if he weren’t in this film, the only way anyone would have ever seen it was if they downgraded their monthly Netflix package to the disc only option. This movie was clearly made for action junkies and for Black people who will support anything that has Black actors in it. And when I think about it, I ironically fit into both categories; maybe I should have been charged double to get in. Anyway, as I watched this film, I could totally tell that Jamie also realized why this movie was being made, and that he chose to take the smart route and completely mail in his performance. Don’t get me wrong, he was still great in it, but this was more Bait Jamie Foxx versus Ray or Collateral Jamie Foxx. And if you still don’t know what I mean, see any post Analyze This Robert Deniro flick and you’ll eventually catch on. As a side note, isn’t sad that there’s an entire generation of movie goers out there that have never seen Deniro be good in anything. All they’ve ever been exposed to is grandpa Deniro; it’s like never getting to eat a Twinkie before the world got all health conscious, damn they were good!

Sleepless is about two rogue cops, Jamie Foxx and T.I. (yes, THAT T.I.), who one night decide to steal from the wrong man. They thought they were simply stealing from the low level casino owner Stanley Rubino (Dermot Mulroney) but they were in fact stealing from a highly connected drug dealer named Novak (the surprisingly talented Scott McNairy). Rubino is desperate to get Novak’s dope back to him in time for his big drug deal, so he attacks Jamie’s character and kidnaps his son to hold as ransom. So now Jamie must do any and everything he can to get him back safe and sound; all the while dodging the Internal Affairs agents in Jennifer (Michelle Monaghan) and Doug (David Harbour) who are hot on his tail.

The majority of this film takes place in a casino but that doesn’t stop it from having multiple fight scenes, shootouts, and explosions; with each scene seemingly outdoing the other. Everyone seems to be having fun making this film and that’s part of what made it so great, it’s pure mindless entertainment! I nearly stood up and cheered when Novak pulled out his secret compartment of automatic weapons from the bed of his truck and started unloading on people. Here they are having an all-out war in a Vegas casino and the only that stopped people from gambling was Jamie Foxx running over tables with a stolen Lexus. Nothing says MLK Day like drugs, guns, and stolen cars. Now I could go on and on about why this movie is worth catching in the theater but if you don’t get it by now, you never will; so I’ll just end this review here and tell you that Sleepless gets a rating of FRESH!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


What ever happened to those "Not my President" marches? They literally lasted for about two days and then completely went away for some reason. Is that where are youth is today; too lazy to vote AND too lazy to protest outside of constant Facebook and Twitter posts? "Hey Michael, you wanna march on the Capitol today?" "Ugh! But the new season of Stranger Things just came out! Let’s just stay in, smoke, and order some Uber Eats instead!" I was honestly just kidding when I said that Kanye should be our next President, but given the state of our nation today, he’d have a real shot of winning if he wanted to give it a go.

Thankfully though, all his opponent would have to do to stop this is release yet another terrible season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Netflix and a special edition of some new Jordans on Election Day and 60% of our nation would be too preoccupied to vote. This is why something like effective missionary trips are a thing of the past; any time you ask a Millennial to go anywhere where Instacart or Wi-Fi isn’t an option they look at you is if you’re the Devil himself trying deceive them.

This is also why Martin Scorsese’s new film will be forgotten within the next two weeks. People going across the sea to spread a message that’s important to them? Heck, in today’s society we won’t even consider dating someone if it requires us getting on the tollway to do so (raising hand). But that’s what Silence is all about; two Portuguese priests who risk their lives to go to Japan to find their mentor Liam Neeson and to also spread the word of The Gospel.

This of course is dangerous because in the 1600’s (and even today in quite a few countries) you could be killed for worshipping Jesus. Well apparently Ferreira (Neeson) chose the route of apostatizing and getting a cute Japanese woman to be his wife versus that of being tortured to death. His mentees Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Garrpe (Adam Driver) however refuse to believe he’d do something like this and choose to voluntarily go on a dangerous mission to find him.

Well once they finally do make into Japanese territory, they spend the majority of their time hiding during the day and witnessing to the Japanese people who worship in secret at night. If they are caught doing so, they are forced to apostatize and then watch their families burn right in front of them. So as you can imagine, there aren’t very many opportunities for Rodrigues and Garrpe to go out and look for Ferreira. The closest they do come to finding him is when they are betrayed by one of the villagers Kichijiro, the film’s funniest and saddest character.

Now many people will probably hate Kichijiro’s character but he represented what was a common theme in the Bible, and that’s a constant desertion of one’s faith due to man’s fallible nature. If we are all being honest with ourselves, we’d all see a little bit of Kichijiro in our lives as we tend to constantly take the easy way out of things; see the Netflix over marching scenario I presented earlier. And that’s part of what made this film so good; it was an honest look into how we react when we think God isn’t hearing our pleas. This is something that Scorsese was struggling with for quite some time, so he decided to express this frustration artistically via film.

It’s just that he does so in a brutal and violent way. I don’t want to ruin the film for you but just know that both Rodrigues and Garrpe go through some unbelievably trying times as they enter a world of sick mind games and barbarism that’s solely fueled from an incomprehensible intolerant mentality. Based off of his performances in Hacksaw Ridge and now Silence, Garfield has made me forget those terrible Spiderman movies and has earned my respect as a top level actor in Hollywood. Silence, for the most part, puts its focus on him and his experience and he certainly holds his own when it comes to starring in a demanding Scorsese film. After the disaster that was The Last Temptation of Christ, you had to know that Scorsese wanted to make up for it in the worst way, and I’d have to say that for the most part he did just that with this unbelievably heady material.

Now there were a few moments in the film’s climax that personally took me out of it due to its biblical inaccuracies but that shouldn’t take away from what the film tried to do; which was essentially put out there what most people are afraid to admit publicly. Making this kind of film took a lot of balls for a director of Scorsese’s status and I can’t help but say that I respect him for that. I give this film a rating of FRESH!